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Sphere Partnership

7 Rufford Avenue

Edgemont Grange

Weston Favell


NN14 1JD

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Sphere is made up of a team of individuals specialising in there own areas.

David - Front Line Sales, Project Management, Quality Systems, Access Databases

John - Hardware Cabling and PC Repair Specialist


We all ensure that we keep up to date, as a team we work

together to offer a one stop solution to whatever your computer requirements are.


Sphere supply hardware, but recognise how competitive pricing is. We use our experience and buying power to get you the best price from a range of suppliers.

We see the on site installation and support as our main activity, ensuring the hardware works to its best, and you are protected from virus attacks and have adequate back up systems etc.

Our experience has shown that the cheapest is not always the best, especially if you or your business relies on emails etc.