IT Support

Business Computer SupportI help in business support, setting up PC's. Networks, printers setting up office systems including staff training.

I can supply references from my current customers to confirm how I have been able to develop and support their day to day CRM applications

I have experience in producing Access Data bases to enable you control your Customer Information, Production etc. Forming the basis of you back office. Linking all the powerful Office 365 applications into an effient system of communication and reporting.

Web Site Design/Integration

Every Business should have a professional web site and a linked email address to  ensure security of information, free email addresses are not generally secure. Web Sites and Social Media are powerful marketing tools, but need to be carefully controlled and maintained as part of a coherent marketing plan see  18 point  web marketing concepts. All customer details should be controlled through a Privacy & Security Policy and Procedures, larger companies may require you to supply proof of your Data Protection Systems

I can develop and design web sites and social media pages, it is important that they share the same image and that logos etc., are all maintained through all your information including letter heads, emails etc.

e mail

Office 365