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Sphere Support


Sphere Partnership - Small Business Support/PC Support


Sphere Partnership offer support with an extra pair of experienced hands. We can help with all sort of business tasks that need short term support. Call today for remote PC support

  1. Business Plans

    SupportQuality Systems

  2. Marketing Plans and Design

  3. Heath and Safety

  4. IT remote PC support and Access applications, Web Shops

  5. General Support through difficult times

Covering Northamptonshire we are individuals with many years of practical experience in developing and running their own companies. We offer a free visit to talk about your requirements and the most cost effective solutions.


Computer Consulting and Web Shop Development


We specialise in a range of IT business support including:


Web design, the development of web shops and internet sales and communication to meet the changing needs during lock down, also creating new ways to operate in the future.


We can optimise your web site so it is found in Google and web searches, also develop your social media presence to help you serve your customers and obtain new ones.

Fixed monthly charges can be arranged for development and ongoing support to ensure your site and social media is kept up to date, including all development costs to keep the initial cost very low. Leaving you doing what you do best, running your business


Quality System Implementation and Support

David Walker is a registered lead assessor working for BSI QA for over three years

and has developed systems to meet ISO 9000 and the Medical Directives, for many companies



   Some of Our Web Design/Development and Consulting Customers

          E. J. Bowman    Brockford Accident Repair     Bolam Crash Repair               Paradise Design                              Support Group

               Brockford              Bolam             Paradise Design        Liver Support



Covid-19    Coronavirus


Mike Ribbons MD of Brockford Accident Repair Centre has produced a protocol for his business, I have uploaded this with the lastest (asof 18/03/20) govenment advice.

The requirements are not convient, but will help protect you business and customers and staff IMPLEMENT THEM NOW  DOWNLOAD


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